Friday, October 5, 2012

Topic 7: Government Farm Subsidies

  After watching the video "Government Should Leave Farm Business," write down your thoughts about how government subsidies work. The producers of the video take a particular point-of-view about the issue. What is their point of view? Do you agree with it? What about other kinds of subsidies? Are there situations in which some kinds of businesses should be supported by taxpayer money, or should the market be left completely free and subject only to the laws of supply and demand? Can you think of any industry that needs to be supported? What about education? Most colleges and universities, including private ones, receive many benefits (not only money) from the government. Should those supports remain, or be removed? What about for elementary and high school? Should people who don't have school-aged children have to pay taxes to support schools?

  • Government subsidies reduces the price of the farm products because the supply of the product increases now that the farms have received extra money. However, the video takes the practical side of the issue: the side of the poor. It points out the idea that these tax subsidies rarely every go to the poor people who need these subsidies in reality. And I do agree with it. The subsidies that were provided to prevent farmers from becoming poor ironically didn't benefit the poor, but only made the wealthy richer.
  • I believe that businesses such as infrastructure should be supported by taxpayer money. Infrastructure is essential to a nation or to a society, and is used by the majority of the public, common people; therefore, this business should be supported by taxpayer money. This may apply to food products as well (not just limited to farm products). Other markets, such as clothes and technological appliances, should be left alone and controlled by the laws of supply and demand.
  • I believe that education should be supported by the government. Currently, education is becoming more and more expensive, and many can't pay for it. Government subsidies will help these poor people who want or need to get a college education by taking away the burden of money. This also applies to elementary and high school, since they are obligations for the parents.

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